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sketchblog de gk blekkenhorst

coat hanger wings, distortion pedals and BLOODY REVOLUTION

gk. blekkenhorst
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This journal contains pictures that have been drawn, sketched, painting, spat, carved, or conjured out of the very air, mirrored from suburban-mythology.net.

Pictures will sometimes contain naked bits, swear words, and possibly people kissing each other. Sorry.

I have another journal at ameinias I don't use much anymore.

Thank you for your time.
abandoned buildings, acrylics, aestheticism, ambiguously 1860-1940, ameinias, androgyny, archetypes, art, art stars, artists, automata, bald androgyns, beautiful, beautycaged, being a boy, being a girl, being a pretentious asshole, being an asexual blob, being really awesome, black ink, blekkenhorst, brandy, bullshitpsuedo-intellectualism, chili sauce on everything, christain mythology, christian mythology, clockpunk, comedy sketch groups, comic books, comic jams, comics, completely random things, crying my eyes out, crying over tea, crying your eyes out, dangerous homosexuals, dashing fellows, dead historical homosexuals, disaffected youth, doctor who, drawing comic books, drawing pictures with pens, dry red wine, eccentric old people, elaborate pulley systems, extended metaphors, extremely serious young men, fan art, fantasy, fasting, fucking up, gentrification, ghostfire, ghosts, gillart, gillian blekkenhorst, greek mythology, hipster culture, independant comics, indie, ink, jewish mythology, johnny wayshak, liankathleen, mathematicians, matthew woodson, monks, music videos, narcissus, natural sciences, non sequiters, not wearing shoes, oil paint, painting on comics, painting on paper, painting on people, pentel earasers, people with clock insides, personal cartography, personal mythology, perverted anantomy, physics, political comedy, pretentious assholes, pretty girls, prophets, protest songs, public transportation, religious frenzy, sad emo children, saint vs sexuality, sci fi, science fiction, secret public poetry, self justification, self mutilation, sinner-saints, sketches, spiced rum, steam bohemia, steampunk, street art, suburban mythology, superhero mythology, the 1890s, the 1980s, the insides of clocks, the post apocalyptic future, theatre of the absurd, train graffiti, ugly, unicorn cowboys, urban fantasy, vanity as religion, watercolour paints, wedding robbers